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TeddyBear Welcome

Enjoy shopping our gallery of Fun, Inspirational and Patriotic Bears

  We have over 60 teddy bears to choose from.
Main Page

Teddy Bears by Russ

Prima Ballerina
Wishes the Birthday Bear
Rufus and Rub y
The Bears with Diabetes

Holiday Bears

Irish Teddy Up by Russ
Kneeling Santa
Christmas Angel
Candy Cane Bear
Holy Bunny

Holy Bears

Thank You
Happy Birthday Balloons
The Promise Bear
Sweet 16 Bear
Baptism Bear White
Harmony Bear
GodParents are Special
Irish Spirit
I Love You Bear
Blessings Baby's First
Birthday Boy
Birthday Girl
Eternity Butterfly
Amity Friendship
Get Well Balloons
I Love Jesus Holy Lamb
God Bless Baby
Secret Pal Bear

Community Bears

God Bless The Golfer
God Bless The Farmer
God Bless The Camper
Cook HolyBear
Computer, Office Worker
Graduation Bears
Brothers are Special
Sisters are Special
Postal Worker Bear
Doctor Bear
God Bless The Farmer
God Bless Mom
God Bless Dad
God Bless Grandma
God Bless Grandpa
Fireman Bear
Policeman Bear

Patriotic Bears

Navy Bear
Air Force
Army Bear
Coast Guard

Holy Angel Bears

Guardian Angel
Wings Holy Angels
Nurse Holy Angel
Tooth Angel

"I'll Never Forget You" HolyBearô

 Great for senders of Secret Pal gifts. 

I always thank my God as I remember you in my 
prayers, Philemon 1:4


Secret Pal Bear

I have a lot of friends at DeerLake Patriotic Bears. We are brushing our fur and practicing our hugs in hopes that you will take one of us home with you.


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Allegiance TeddyBear
Teddy Bear

Pronunciation: 'te-dE- 'ber
Etymology: Teddy, nickname of Theodore Roosevelt; from a cartoon depicting the president sparing the life of a bear cub while hunting : a stuffed toy collectible bear

Teddy Bear History
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Greetings from
DeerLake Patriotic Bears








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